Parish Notices


Monday to Saturday 11 am Mass will be in Ignatian Chapel, starting from Monday 16th January 2023. Entrance is through the church.
That means that 11 am Mass during the week will not be on the webcam.

1 pm Mass continues to be in the church and on the webcam.


From Friday 20th January Friday evening Mass will be at 6 pm, followed by Friday Night Candlelight at 6.30 pm.

The change in time is to make it easier for people to attend Mass after work.










We started Alpha on Monday 23th January at 7 pm and we had a great turnout!
You can still join us.

Alpha is a series of 10 sessions that explores the big questions of life. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, discover more about the Christian faith, and share your thoughts in a friendly and open environment.

We will start with a meal every time.

Please sign up here

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The Financial Situation in Our Parish

Letter from Fr. Niall Leahy SJ Parish Priest

Dear parishioners,
Warm greetings to you all! I would like to thank all of who come to our Masses here in Gardiner Street, who attend our novenas and other events, and who pray at our shrines. We are here to serve you, and it is your presence that encourages us to keep up our efforts to make our church a prayerful and welcoming space for you all.

I write to you with regard to the parish finances. At a recent meeting of the parish finance committee, we decided that all parishioners ought to be informed about our
current financial position. 

Over the last four years our costs have remained relatively stable while our income has fallen sharply. We have received fewer donations for candles and smaller weekly
collections. As a result the parish’s annual deficit has increased from €7,000 in 2019 to €67,000 in 2022. This is an unsustainable situation and we have to do something.

Click to read full report 

Gardiner Street Parish Synod Report

Gardiner Street Parish Synod Feedback Report is available

Read here

Thanks to all who participated!

The National Synod Synthesis has been published. Read here the synthesis of the consultation in Ireland for the diocesan stage of the Universal Synod 2021-2023 National-Synthesis-17-50-Fri-12th-August-

Spiritual Communion Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, I love you above all things, and I desire to receive you into my soul.

I have a hunger for the Bread of Life but cannot, at this moment, receive you.

You said to your disciples, 'I am with you always.'

Please come spiritually into my heart.

Be with me today as I offer myself to you.

Help me to believe that nothing can separate me from your love.

Mass Readings

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Calendar of Events

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 11.30 to 12.30

Fridays from 6.30 to 7.30

Sundays 7 -7.30 pm

Pray with Pope Francis

For January 2023, we join the Holy Father in praying  for Educators:

“I would like to propose that educators add new content to their teaching: fraternity.

Education is an act of love that illuminates the path for us to recover a sense of fraternity, so we will not ignore those who are most vulnerable.

Educators are witnesses who not only impart their mental knowledge, but also their convictions, their commitment to life.

They know how to handle the three languages well: that of the head, that of the heart, and that of the hands, all in harmony. And hence the joy in communicating.

And they will be heeded much more attentively and will become community builders.

Why? Because they’re sowing this testimony.

Let us pray that educators may be credible witnesses, teaching fraternity rather than confrontation and helping especially the youngest and most vulnerable above all”.

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Synod Prayer

We stand before You, Holy Spirit, as we gather together in Your name.

With You alone to guide us, make Yourself at home in our hearts; Teach us the way we must go and how we are to pursue it.

We are weak and sinful; do not let us promote disorder.

Do not let ignorance lead us down the wrong path nor partiality influence our actions.

Let us find in You our unity so that we may journey together to eternal life and not stray from the way of truth and what is right.

All this we ask of You, who are at work in every place and time, in the communion of the Father and the Son, forever and ever.



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