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32nd Sunday of the Year, Year B, 6th & 7th November 2021/Annual Mass for Deceased

Fr. Richard O'Dwyer SJ

I am sure that you have come here this evening with a whole range of emotions, from deep sorrow and grief for the loss of your beloved, mother, father, Grandfather, Grandmother, daughter, son, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, neighbour, close dear friend, work colleague.  I hope and pray for all of you, that if not at this time, but sometime down the road, you will feel a deep sense of love and gratitude for the loved one, you mourn this evening.

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The Practice of Silence and Stillness- Exploring Contemplative Prayer

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Pray with Pope Francis

Pope’s prayer intention for November:

For People who suffer from depression

Overwork and work-related stress cause many people to experience extreme exhaustion — mental, emotional, affective, and physical exhaustion.

Sadness, apathy, and spiritual tiredness end up dominating people’s lives, who are overloaded due to the rhythm of life today.

Let us try to be close to those who are exhausted, to those who are desperate, without hope. Often, we should just simply listen in silence, because we cannot go and tell someone, “No, life’s not like that. Listen to me, I’ll give you the solution.” There’s no solution.

And besides, let us not forget that, along with the indispensable psychological counseling, which is useful and effective, Jesus’ words also help. It comes to my mind and heart: “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Let us pray that people who suffer from depression or burn-out will find support and a light that opens them up to life.

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