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Carol Barry

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Fr. Gerry Clarke SJ

Fr Gerry during homily at the Fr John Sullivan Mass - October 2016

Day 5: 8th June 2021

One of the pastoral activities we offered at University Hall, A Jesuit Hall of Residence for college students in Dublin, was a trip to the World Youth Days in Toronto for that big event to connect with the pope.  It involved a lot of camping, prayer and walking.  There was one particular walk that was very long: it was the walk to the large filed, as big as the Phoenix Park where we were to join the Mega-Mass with Pope Benedict XVI.  It was exhausting, but somewhere along the road we walked through a housing estate and kind people offered the crowds of young people streaming past, glasses of water and snacks.  That was great.  But what most struck me were the signs that people drew or painted and put up in their gardens encouraging us.  One sign said: “You are the salt of the earth”.  And this phrase from the Gospel we’ve just heard was the chosen theme of the World Youth Days  “You are the salt of the earth”. Read more

Day 5:  7th June 2021

It dawned upon me a few days ago that while at the annual Novena of Grace here at Gardiner Street we use the life of St Francis Xavier as a guide for our reflections, his missionary zeal, the fire that burned in his heart, his love and warmth, here, at this Novena in honour of the Sacred Heart, this year 2021 we are focussing on the life of St Francis Xavier’s great friend, Ignatius of Loyola.  It was Ignatius who first discovered, in his home of Loyola, the treasure that he was seeking in his mad military life.

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Day 4: 6th June 2021- Corpus Christi

There are three movements to this Novena: devastation, recuperation and reorientation.  And we are proposing this as the kind of thing that goes on in us in life when we live a conversion.  Can you recognise this in yourself or in others.  A devastating moment in life followed by the chance to recuperate and then being back in touch with ourselves, the desire to move on and go to the next stage myself. 

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Sr. Aileen Murphy RLR

Day 1: 3rd June 2021

Embarking on a novena is like setting out on the first day of a pilgrimage – there’s a great sense of anticipation and energy. In this special anniversary year – Ignatius 500 - we are invited to do so in the company of Ignatius, who in his Autobiography identified himself as ‘the pilgrim’.  Read more

Day 2: 4th June 2021

There’s a wonderful saying that every saint has a past and every sinner a future! I suppose Ignatius never thought we’d be remembering his cannonball moment 500 years later! This was far from his finest moment. Yet the anniversary celebrations are about seeing all things new in Christ. In this novena to the Sacred Heart, we are being invited to look at Ignatius conversion story to help us recognise and encounter God’s steadfast presence in our own personal experiences…. to recognise the treasure of God’s great love for us always.

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Day 3: 5th June 2021

In our opening hymn we asked the Sacred Heart ‘Unfold to us the treasures of thy grace’. What would that look like in your life?

Treasure is often hidden in unexpected places. Take Ignatius’ devastating defeat in Pamplona. The wounding went deep between horrendous personal injury and knowing he was responsible for the death of others. His self-perception has been shattered. He never thought this would happen to him. In the fortnight following the cannonball hit, he survived infection and surgery to reset his leg. Given the chivalric code at the time, it was the conquering French soldiers that carried Ignatius home to Loyola. That journey alone of 100km+ would have shaken him, each step jarring his wounds. This was so not the upwardly mobile career he planned. The devastating toll of the Pamplona experience leaves him broken. Sometimes life is like that. We cannot put ourselves back together. There is no going back to the normal we knew before.

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Statement to all Leaving Certificate Students from Archbishop Dermot Farrell

I wish all the 2021 Leaving Certificate students, those who are going through the Predicted Grades System or sitting the written examination every good wish and God's blessings.

This year's Leaving Certificate students have been challenged in their preparation for the Leaving Certificate by the Covid pandemic during the school years 2019 - 2020, 2020 - 2021. I want to thank the Principals, Boards of Management, Teachers, Staff, School Chaplains, Pastoral Care Teams for the dedicated care of our Post Primary Students especially this year's Leaving Certificate Students.

I am grateful to Minister Foley and the officials of the Department of Education and Skills for the work and support they have given to this year's Leaving Certificate group. May the Holy Spirit guide and direct the Leaving Certificate students now and in all the decisions they will make about their future.

I pray that Our Lady will protect you all and that St. Joseph, her husband, in this year dedicated to St. Joseph, will watch over you as he protected his foster son, Jesus.

+ Dermot Farrell

Archbishop of Dublin

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Our Gardening Group volunteers would like to prepare for when we can celebrate Mass together again by making the front of the church as colourful and welcoming as possible. They are inviting people to join them in the rewarding work. If you would like to be involved, call Maura on 087 9015853.

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12th Sunday Ordinary Time 20th June 2021


Fr. Gerry Clarke SJ

We are unlikely to face the likes of Shackleton’s boat journey or the huge waves of the Southern Ocean.  But we all experience crisis and trauma.  The story of the earliest Christians shows that crisis was an almost permanent state of being.  And the lesson from this Gospel story is perhaps that the crisis moments are moments when Jesus is waiting to be gracious to us.


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Pray with Pope Francis


Pope’s prayer intention for June: The Beauty of Marriage

Is it true, what some people say—that young people don’t want to get married, especially during these difficult times?
Getting married and sharing one’s life is something beautiful.
It’s a demanding journey, at times difficult, and at times complicated, but it’s worth making the effort. And on this life-long journey, the husband and wife aren’t alone; Jesus accompanies them.
Marriage isn’t just a “social” act; it’s a vocation that’s born from the heart; it’s a conscious decision for the rest of one’s life that requires specific preparation.
Please, never forget this. God has a dream for us —love— and He asks us to make it our own.
Let us make our own the love which is God’s dream for us.
And let us pray for young people who are preparing for marriage with the support of a Christian community: may they grow in love, with generosity, faithfulness and patience. Because a great deal of patience is necessary in order to love. But it’s worth it, eh?

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