Weekly Bulletin November 4th 2018

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During November we traditionally remember all our loved ones who have gone to their rest.

  • Envelopes for the Altar List of the Dead are available at the back of the Church or in the Parish Office. Envelopes can be left into the Sacristy or the Parish Office and will be placed in a Basket beside the Altar and will be prayed for During the Month of November
  • Remembrance Board 
    At the back of the Church we have a board with the names of all the people whose funerals took place in Gardiner Street this year. Parishioners are invited to write down the names of anyone they would like to remembered. May they Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory
  • Remembering Family Members at The Gospel Choir Mass Sunday 18th of November at 7.30pm. Here there will be an opportunity to remember family members who have died and through gesture and reflection, contemplate on the influence and effect they had on our lives.


The death of someone close touches us to the core and leaves us hurt and wounded.  A Bethany group offers a listening ear and help on the road of bereavement.  Individual support can also part of it.

The Bethany Support group meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm.


Thank you to all who were able to contribute to the October Appeal.  To date we have raised €3,000 which will pay for the Webcam in the Church so that Masses, Services and Events can be viewed countrywide and worldwide from the parish Website.  The balance will go towards installing energy saving LED lights in Pope Francis Corridor. Thank you.



Dialogue workshop with Monika and Szymon Kowalczyk-Szylko.   “When I come home from work in a pretty good mood and find a clean kitchen at home, I am eager to make a good dinner and it goes smoothly, but when I find it full of dirty dishes, on the table, full sink and unpacked dishwasher, I am mad at my adult sons, I make a fuss or I get in a huff. But I can also talk to them calmly and tell them that I cannot function in such chaos and mess and that I care about order in the kitchen.”

There are skills to interacting which we can all learn and they change everything about the way we communicate: Listening before talking.  Understanding before judging.  Sharing before discussing.  Forgiving before ….

Saturday 10th November 2018  2.30-4.30pm at Gardiner Street



Wednesday 7th November at 7.30pm. Following Archbishop Diarmuid Martin’s invitation in a letter to Parish Priests and Parish Pastoral Councils calling on each parish community to organize a parish Forum to discern about the future of the Catholic Church in Ireland. 

He says: “The question now arises: where do we go forward now in the challenge of renewing the faith we carry in our own hearts and renewing the life of the Church?” and “Each parish and parish community can find its own path of reflection, with the help of the Parish Pastoral Council.  The aim is not to provide instant answers but at least to begin to set out a realistic agenda for renewal of the Church in the years to come.”

At the last Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 7th November at 7.30pm was chosen as the date for the Forum.  All suggestions and ideas are welcome.  Talk to any priest of the parish or parish council member. 


Last week’s Collections, Church €616, Share €405 Thank you. The Blue Bag is for the Church Collection (St Francis Xavier’s Gardiner Street)



POLICY OF GARDINER STREET PARISH FOR SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN AND VULNERABLE ADULTS Our safeguarding policy statement is available on the parish website and at the front desk.  We encourage parishioners to consult these and make comments or recommendations.  You will find an anti-bullying policy, complaints procedure and abuse reporting procedures as well useful guidelines for preventing harm.  Visit www.gardinerstparish.ie/safeguarding