Weekly Bulletin April 22nd 2018

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TROCAIRE BOXES: Just a reminder to return the contents of your Trocaire box directly to Trocaire using the envelope supplied with the Trocaire pack or by handing in the Trocaire envelope to the parish office (up the steps to the left of the Church). 

Last week’s Collections, Church €770, Share€477 Thank you.
The Blue Bag is for the Church Collection (St Francis Xavier’s Gardiner Street),

ENVELOPES FOR EASTER DUES are at the back of the Church.  Thank you for your contribution: we really need it for the running of the Church.

A DISCERNING CHURCH LISTENS: Many of us don’t like the idea of abortion in Ireland.  But at the same time we feel unsure about imposing our opinion on other citizens.  Especially when the pregnancy is problematic.As a parish community which welcomes all, Gardiner Street Church wants to engage with the questions raised by this referendum.  Pope Francis encourages us …

“to create spaces where pastoral workers can be helped and healed, ‘places where faith itself in the crucified and risen Jesus is renewed, where the most profound questions and daily concerns are shared, where deeper discernment about our experiences and life itself is undertaken in the light of the Gospel, for the purpose of directing individual and social decisions towards the good and beautiful’.”  Joy of the Gospel #77

We want to create a safe space to listen to the teaching of the Church, the experiences of women facing challenging pregnancies and to the legal consequences of a yes/no vote.So, you are invited to three meetings in May.

  •  Tuesday 1st May: What is the Church’s teaching on abortion, the informed conscience and the law?
    (Speaker: Prof. Pat Hannon, Moral theologian, Maynooth.  Chair: Bishop Eamonn Walsh DD)
  • Tuesday 8th May: What is the experience of women in Ireland facing challenging pregnancies?
    (Speakers: Ann-Marie Lee, Health Nurse, D. Twomey, Obstetrician  Chair: Pat Coyle Jesuit Communications)
  • Tuesday 15th May: What will be the likely legal consequences of a yes/no vote?
    (Speaker: Prof. Gerard Whyte TCD.  Chair: Brian Lennon SJ

The aim of the meetings is to promote listening: listening to real life experiences, listening to the teaching of our Church and listening to the legal realities.  This will not be a forum for campaigners but it will be a safe space for you to listen, inform your conscience and take that step towards a referendum decision.

PREPARING FOR POPE FRANCIS IN IRELAND  Parish Conversations is a six-part programme that will be offered at Gardiner Street based on Pope Francis’ “The Joy of Love”.  Using engaging short videos, animations and activities to encourage discussion, it will offer families an opportunity to think about our vision and hopes for family and marriage, and a chance to rediscover the gift that family is to the world.

The programme will also challenge us to reflect on how we can provide greater support for marriage and family in our local communities.  In particular, Pope Francis has asked us to think about support for newly married couples and outreach to families in need. Schedule of Parish Conversations:

The First talk will be this Tuesday at 7.30pm in the Ignatian Room

4th Sunday of Easter April 22nd ~ Call into our Future – Vocation Sunday.
Today we pray that the church, that is all of us, may want to serve the Lord. A particular prayer is that some young people may respond in priesthood or religious life. But this Sunday is to refresh and celebrate our common vocation. Our primary vocation is the call to follow and serve Christ in Baptism. We are called to love in priesthood, single life, religious life, marriage. All called to do the best we can for God in our lives.

Parish Staff will attend two meetings next week on important areas of legislation where the Diocese is updating: Safeguarding and Data Protection.

Thanks to all who responded to the job offer of Church Sacristan/cleaner.  We are currently sorting through the applications.