Weekly Bulletin 6th October 2019

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Every October we normally make an appeal for some building project in the church. Your support has helped us construct a new prayer room which houses the beautiful Harry Clarke Stained Glass window of our patron St Francis Xavier.  You have also funded the repainting of the Pope Francis Corridor.  This year the appeal will be part of a wider appeal for a large piece of work to save the walls and interior of the church. You may have noticed the paint peeling.  Well behind this is a build-up of moisture which could cause the plasterwork to fall away.  We have some serious remedial work to do.  For this reason we are postponing the October Appeal until November when we will have a better understanding of the cost and work to be done.  Thank you for your support in the past and counting on your support in the future.  G. Clarke PP


continue on Saturday 19th October. This year we ask the question: “What does it mean to be a Christian”. The Jesuits have named 4 answers to this: Being a Christian means ….
19th October: Accompanying youth towards a hope-filled future.
Speakers: Padraig Swan and Callum Douglas.
26th October: Walking in solidarity with the excluded.
Speakers: Fr. Peter McVerry SJ and Sr. Bernadette McMahon
2nd November: Practising Prayer and discernment.
Speaker: Fr. Brendan McManus SJ


Last week Collection: Church € 445 Share € 340. The Blue Bag is for the Church Collection (St Francis Xavier’s Gardiner Street); the red bag is for Share.


Day for life is celebrated annually by the Catholic Church in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. It is a day dedicated to raising awareness of the meaning and value of human life at every stage and in every condition.
This year’s Day for Life will be celebrated in Ireland on Sunday 6 October and will focus on the theme: ‘The Scourge of Domestic Abuse’.
The Church recognises the hurt done to those who have experienced domestic abuse. As Pope Francis wrote in 2016:
“Unacceptable customs still need to be eliminated. I think particularly of the shameful ill-treatment to which women are sometimes subjected, domestic violence and various forms of enslavement which, rather than a show of masculine power, are craven acts of cowardice. The verbal, physical and sexual violence that women endure in some marriages contradicts the very nature of the conjugal union.”
(Amoris Laetitia, 54)
It is time to start talking and taking action. Go to www.dayforlife.org or www.catholicbishops.ie to find out more about what you can do.


This year’s theme, “Together we are mission”, is asking you to move away from the idea that mission  is solely the work of priests and sisters, catechists and lay missionaries, and to consider the part you play. After all, it is because of the prayers and generosity of people just like you that hope, love and joy cam continue to be shared with the suffering and neglected.
Please consider using your generosity right now. Donate €4 to the work of the missionaries overseas, many of whom work in impoverished communities, text the word ‘Mission’ to 50300. (Texts cost €4. World Mission Ireland will receive a minimum of €3.60. Service Provider: LikeCharity. Helpline: 0766805278. Republic of Ireland only) World Missions Ireland, the Church’s charity for overseas mission, is responsible for the coordination of Mission Month. Go to www.wmi.ie to learn more about the work.


Discover the way dreams point us to places of growth, healing and surprise. Learn the language of dreams, how the symbolic images reveal possibilities; see the connections between the dreams of a of a given timeframe and discover the real agenda of your life. The course will also consider recall of dreams, dreams in the Old and New Testaments, dreams in other cultures, death in dreams, dreams and health and much more. There will also be time to work on dreams in a group setting.
Directed by Paddy Greene SJ
Wednesday 9 October 2019. 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm


For a Missionary “Spring” in the Church
In his prayer intention for the month of October 2019, Pope Francis invites us to pray that “the breath of the Holy Spirit engender a new missionary ‘spring’ in the Church.”
The full text of his intention is below:
Today, a new impulse to the Church’s missionary activity is needed to face the challenge of proclaiming Jesus and his death and resurrection.
Reaching the peripheries – the human, cultural, and religious settings still foreign to the Gospel: this is what we call the “missio ad gentes”.
We must also remember that the heart of the Church’s mission is prayer.
In this Extraordinary Missionary Month, let us pray that the Holy Spirit may engender a new missionary “spring” for all those baptized and sent by Christ’s Church.