Weekly Bulletin 27th October 2019

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“The second of our autumn series of workshops took place on Saturday, 19thOctober in the Blessed John Sullivan Room. Padraig Swan, Director of Faith & Service programmes in Belvedere College, co-facilitated with Callum Douglas; a Faith Programmes Director, working in various schools in Dublin.
The morning kicked off with a culturally diverse group of participants introducing themselves and sharing their reasons for coming to the workshop.
A lively conversation then ensued when Padraig asked people to split into smaller groups and discuss among themselves their thoughts on reality today, as experienced by young people. Out of this discussion participants were then asked to consider what their hopes and responses for young people might be in light of this lived reality.
There then followed a 20-minute prayer exercise where participants could sit in reflective silence or follow a guided meditation in the prayer room. The morning concluded with a brainstorming session where the group put forward their suggestions for practical steps or actions, that we as individuals, or as members of Gardiner Street parish might take, in our efforts to accompany young people in the creation of a hope-filled future.
Saturday morning proved to be another very worthwhile and insightful workshop where participants, quite a few of whom were young men, had an opportunity to voice and explore their concerns with regards to faith and its place in the context of 21st century Ireland. What the group were able to discern is this: in this frenetic technological age young people are faced with an extraordinary and overwhelming range of choices. They are finding a new sense of community through online and social media interactions. They no longer find beauty or splendour in mass liturgies and it is proving difficult for them to create time or space for reflection. Seeking validation and approval from outside sources is leaving them less resilient and negative peer pressure prevents them from expressing an interest in faith or its exploration. Finally, homes or schools are no longer providing a strong grounding in faith values and so young people question the point or value of having a faith.
Moving forward, Gardiner Street parish will be taking all these concerns on board, and we are committed to implementing as many of the practical ideas put forward on Saturday morning as we can! “

Review by Christine Halloran

GARDINER STREET PARISH BOOK CLUB continues in October-November. This time we are reading “God Ever Greater: Exploring Ignatian Spirituality” by Brian O’Leary SJ.
Encounters will take place on Tuesdays (29th October 5th and 12th November) at 7:30. The book is available in the Parish store at the price of €12.95.
All welcome!

2nd November: Practising Prayer and Discernment.
Speaker: Fr. Brendan McManus SJ

click here for details

THE ANNUAL MEMORIAL MASS FOR DECEASED JESUIT MISSIONARIES and volunteers will take place on Sunday 3rd of November at 3pm in Gonzaga College Chapel. Fr Gerry Clarke SJ will celebrate the Mass. Tea and coffee afterwards. All welcome.

Mass of Remembrance next Saturday November 9th at 6pm in Saint Francis Xavier’s Church, Gardiner Street for all whose funerals took place from the Church since November 2018. We will also take time to remember all our dear departed loved ones.
Envelopes for the Altar List of the Dead are available at the back of the Church or in the Parish Office.

MASSES ON BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY, 28TH OCTOBER 2019. There will be no early morning Mass at 8.30am. Masses will be at 11am and 1 pm.

VIGIL MASS AT IGNATIAN CHAPEL From mid-November we are thinking of celebrating the Vigil Mass 6pm Saturdays in the Ignatian Chapel behind the Sanctuary. Entrance will be throuh the door at right hand side of the High Altar. What do you think?

CONGRATULATIONS TO DARINA AND RORY who were married in St. Francis Xavier’s Church on Saturday 26th October. They are wished health and blessing in the future.

You may have noticed the paint peeling. Well behind this is a build-up of moisture which could cause the plasterwork to fall away. We have some serious remedial work to do. For this reason, we are postponing the October Appeal until November when we will have a better understanding of the cost and work to be done. Thank you for your support in the past and counting on your support in the future.

Last week Collection: Church € 572 Share € 585. The Blue Bag is for the Church Collection (St Francis Xavier’s Gardiner Street), The red bag is for Share. Thanks for your generosity!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND GENEROSITY TOWARDS WORLD MISSION SUNDAY LAST WEEKEND. Your kindness means so much. It will help missionaries and struggling communities to form and sustain communities of hope and faith. Please know that your continued kindness towards World Mission Sunday makes transformative differences in the lives of people who are suffering. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Bulletin 27th October 2019

  1. Saturday p m Vigil Mass… Proposed move to the smaller space behind the sanctuary. (Ignatian chapel.)
    A cold location at the best of times. November shivers! I presume it will be heated?
    Secondly, for hard-of-hearers like myself, will it have the Loop System? A smaller space, yes,
    but no matter that, a Loop system is still an imperative…

  2. Suggestion. An alternative way of sharing the gospel narrative. Example: Oct 27.’19
    The celebrant moves to the ambo while a reader goes to the alternative mic.
    The priest begins to read the gospel as per usual. But when he comes to quote the Pharisee and the tax collector etc., the reader and/a second reader takes the relevant lines. With, say, a pause here and there as the unfolding drama would indicate…
    Given a suitable time for rehearsal beforehand, this could well prove a telling way of presenting the Word… at least from time to time.

  3. Corollary: Further to my previous comment I suggest a sharing of text and dialogue/monologue by several Ministers of the Word in anticipation of a High in the liturgical year e g the Nativity… Readings selected and edited from relevant passages in Matthew and Luke… NO ROOM AT THE INN… interspersed with lines/links to our society today: homeless, outcasts, refugees etc. Music… a choir… But all contained within a time slot of say, 40 minutes… Well rehearsed, such a sharing would have quite an impact, surely…

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