Weekly Bulletin- 26th May 2019

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GARDINER STREET PARISH SUMMER BOOK CLUB Looking for a good book to read this summer?

Interested in books on spirituality?

Looking forward to knowing more about Ignatian Spirituality?

Come and join us!

This Summer we will be reading and reflecting on “Alone and on Foot” by Brian Grogan sj. Meetings will take place every Thursday of June. The book is available in the Parish Shop at the price of €14, 95

If you are interested, please let us know by email (SFXgardinerstreet@otlook.com) or by phone 01 8363 411


On Third Sunday of each month, at 3:30 pm the Avila Carmelite Retreat Centre celebrates Mass with a particular welcome for LGBT people, their parents, family members and friends followed by chat over tea and coffee.

Avila Carmelite Retreat Centre: Bloomfield Avenue (off Morehampton Road) Donnybrook, Dublin 4. More information:


LGBT people, their family members and friend are also welcome in Gardiner Street Parish. Parishioners are invited to submit ideas on pastoral care for our LGBT brothers and sisters.


Ecumenical Bible Week 2019 will take place from 10th – 16th June 2019 from 7.00am-8.15am. The theme for this year is “Always Be Ready –   It will take place in nine different venues from city centre and in greater Dublin and Co. Wicklow. It will open with a Prayer Breakfast in St. Paul’s Church Arran Quay on Monday, 10th June. On Thursday 13tJune, Holy Cross College Clonliffe will host a Symposium on “How can we be Christian in Ireland today?” Chaired by Archbishop Michael Jackson.  Thinking Allowed will take place in the evening reflecting on the theme “What does it mean to be a Christian in Ireland today?” Among the panellists will be Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and leaders of other Christian faiths. All details on www.bibleweek.ie and www.facebook.com/bibleweek


Since the 2nd Vatican Council the normal way of receiving Holy Communion is in cupped hands, left hand on top of right. Then with your right hand you place the Host on your tongue. Do not take the host but rather allow the minister to place it in your cupped hands.

In the Traditional Rite, the host is fed to you. Open your mouth and extend your tongue so that the host does not fall. The host will be placed on your tongue.

When you approach the priest or Extraordinary Minister, he/she will proclaim “the Body of Christ,”. You proclaim your faith, both in word and in a gesture: as you say “Amen.” (meaning I believe it!) you may also bow as a way of showing your respect and faith.


  • THE NOVENA OF SACRED HEART OF JESUS will begin on 20th June and continue until the 28th JunE. Mass times: Weekdays: 11:00, 7:30. Saturday: 11:00, 6:00. Sunday: 11:00, 12:30
  • ANNUAL BBQ: Our Annual Parish BBQ for volunteers and parishioners takes place on Sunday 16th June in the Gardiner Street Garden. Begins at 3pm.  All welcome … especially if you bring a salad or dessert or something to drink! (non-alcoholic)
  • OASIS DAY – 13 JULY 2019.  Step aside from the ordinary into the lovely surroundings of Manresa House for an Oasis Day. Each day takes place in an atmosphere of silence and comprises a number of elements: reflections, guided meditations, prayer and an opportunity to meet with a spiritual director; a celebration of the Eucharist concludes each day. Accommodation may be available on the night before or after an Oasis Day. Please email reception@manresa.ie or phone (01) 833 1352 for more information or to make a booking.

COLLECTIONS: Last week’s Collections, Church € 693

Ministry Sunday collection602

This new annual collection replaced the Share Collection and will be devoted to support the building up of new forms of lay ministry in our parishes. 

The Blue Bag is for the Church Collection (St Francis Xavier’s Gardiner Street), The red bag is for Share.

Thanks for your generosity!