Weekly Bulletin- 19th September 2021

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Crosscare Annual Collection 2021

The Annual Collection for Crosscare, the social support agency of the Archdiocese of Dublin will be taken up at all Masses in the Diocese on the weekend of 18th and 19th September 2021. It will replace the usual Share collection.

Through their services for Homeless, Youth, Migrants and Refugees, Crosscare focuses on helping people and families when they need it most or when they can’t find support anywhere else. In their Community Foodbanks and Cafes, they provide food parcels and nutritious meals every day. Demand for their services continues to increase as the pandemic has impacted the most vulnerable in our parishes and communities.

Please give generously in the second collection on 18th and 19th September next or on line at  www.crosscare.ie

Gardiner Street Parish Family Mass. 3rd October 12.30 pm

We are glad to announce that we will gather again on the 3rd of  October to celebrate the Family Mass. All are welcome and we hope that children and their families will take an active part in the celebration.

 Season of Creation – Climate Sunday

There is a clear link between the changing climate and the huge loss of biodiversity and species. Churches have a calling to be concerned with both people and the wider environment – wild nature, habitats, ‘natural systems’ which sustain us.  First, because Christians have a mandate to protect Creation, and environmental degradation flies in the face of that responsibility.  Second, because human-caused climate disruption affects the most poor and vulnerable globally – it’s a justice issue. (www.climatesunday.org)

Our Climate Sunday service will take place on 3rd October at 11.00 am.

I have seen the Lord

Where the mist rises from the sea, Where the waves creep upon the shore, Where the wrack lifts upon the strand, I have seen the Lord.

Where the sun awakens the day, Where the road winds on its way, Where the fields are sweet with hay,

I have seen the Lord.

Where the stars shine in the sky, Where the streets so peaceful lie, Where the darkness is so nigh,

I have seen the Lord.

The Lord is here,

The Lord is there,

The Lord is everywhere.

The Lord is high,

The Lord is low,

The Lord is on the path I go.

David Adam, Tides and Seasons


Last week Collection: Church € 450 Share € 192.

All contibutions are gratefully accepted, and the donors are remembered in our prayers.

Thanks to all who have donated to the Church through our website. Your generous contributions help in the running expenses of the Church and are greatly appreciated

Aware- Support & Self Care Groups

If you, or those with whom you work wish to connect with people in relation to your mental wellbeing, please consider using the Phone in and Zoom Support & Self Care Groups, the Support Line or Support Mail, now and throughout the holiday season. These services provide support, coping skills and information – and most importantly help people who are in distress to know and feel that they are not alone in their experience.  For more information about the groups https://www.aware.ie/support/support-groups/ and all of our services on www.aware.ie