Spring Newsletter Page 1

Spring Newsletter Page 1

Spring at Gardiner Street

The annual Novena of Grace is almost upon us and this year Fr. Kevin O’Rourke SJ is our preacher. He has chosen the theme: “In His hands all is made good.” In the morning we will be joined by the Faber Compan-ions who will lead a programme of faith formation and activi-ties for transition year pupils from around Dublin.

And we look forward to Holy Week, the heart of the Christian year, which will begin with a series of Films chosen by Fr. Jake Martin SJ, who is preparing a doctorate in film studies at TCD. On Good Fri-

day the Lectio Groups will prepare a Morning Retreat leading into the Way of the Cross which like last year will be outdoors in the local community and following the programme prepared by Trócaire for Lent.

On 18th May we wel-come the Gospel Rising Festival to the Church for the main event of the programme on Saturday evening (no 6pm vigil that night).

After the Novena be-gins a new type of Lectio Divina, called Scriptio Divina, or-ganized by Sr. Eilis Coe.

The Family Mass continues every first Sunday of the month at 12.30pm.

And finally, the bulbs planted so carefully in October in the plant-ing boxes donated by Dublin City Council, have blossomed and even at-tracted some early visi-tors.


Gospel Rising 17th-19th May

Tickets are on sale for the Gospel Rising Music Festival 2019 which is Ireland’s biggest annual gospel music and choral festival featuring workshops, concerts and boat-loads of fun! We can hardly believe it either, but yes – 2019 marks the

TENTH year of the Gospel Rising Music Festival. It will

of course be making this our most special festival yet as we bring the Gospel Rising vibe to Dublin City Centre for one huge weekend this 17th-19th May culminating in a su-per concert at Gardiner Street Church.

In this edition:
Great response to ALPHA                                 2
update                                                                     2
Fr. Richard O’Dwyer SJ new Superior        2
Trócaire Appeal
Lent 2019                                                               3
Novena of Grace: Fr. Kevin O’Rourke SJ   3
New Apostolic Priorities of the Jesuits     3

Spring Newletter Page 2

Spring Newsletter Page 2

Great Response to ALPHA

It all began with Marie’s dream to bring the SPIRIT to Gardiner Street and so we started planning for


The prayer group that meets Mondays took up the challenge and trained for three nights using ALPHA

Materials. Then we produced the leaflets and the banner at the front of the church. It was a surprise

how many people turned up so we had to divide into two groups. On the second night it became

three groups!

An ALPHA evening typically begins with tea and a sandwich and then we watch the inspirational video.

“There is more to life than this” is the theme of the 1st video and the 2nd looks at “Who is Jesus”: what is the evidence for his existence and his claims. The 3rd video asks “Why did Jesus die?”: was it because Pontius Pilot was jealous?

After the videos there’s a discussion and we finish before 9pm

ALPHA meets every Monday  at 7.30pm and begins with a sandwich.



An isolation switch is located in the sacristy (Switch No.5) The Safeguarding Representatives in the parish are: Mrs
Christine Halloran, Fr.
R.O’Dwyer SJ and Fr. G.
Clarke SJ. Contact details are posted on the Church noticeboards. As we prepare to submit our annual Safeguarding Audit to
the diocesan Child Safeguarding and Protection Service we continue to ensure proper recruiting procedures including
Garda Vetting of volunteers
and clergy & staff as well as facilitating training days. Our new webcam which livestreams services at Gardiner Street is focussed only on the Sanctuary area with minimal coverage of public seating.


Fr. Richard O’Dwyer SJ

Gospel is that we are called to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. If we treat others compassionately, we
can be sure we are in good standing with God. If we mistreat others, we can be sure that we are not on good terms with God. Being honest, trusted Church personnel have done huge damage to peo- As leader of the Jesuit community at St Francis Xavier’s I see our mission as one of service to ALL the people of this area of Dublin. I would like everyone to feel welcome and a
part of St Francis Xavier’s. The People of God, the Church, will only have a future if we become a community where all are welcome. The message of the ple in Ireland and elsewhere by abuse. Making amends must be our priority. We are called to eliminate hunger, disease, poverty and ignorance wherever we find any of these oppressive evils. I invite any person or group who has any ideas or suggestions about how to build our future together to contact me or Fr Gerry PP.).

Great Response to ALPHA


Spring Newletter Page 3

Spring Newsletter Page 3

Trócaire Appeal


Lent 2019 highlights the different ways land is stolen from vulnerable people—by corporate land grabs, by war, or simply because they are a woman. Lent 2019 asks people in Ireland to show their love by sup-porting people in the world’s poorest countries who are often defenceless against these attacks.

The campaign is told through the stories of three families living in Gua-temala, Uganda and Leba-

non. Each story shows a different way families face losing their land and the effect that has on their lives. Each family is a differ-ent face to the same injus-tice, through the lens of the fear they face (violence, hunger, never seeing their home again) and the love people in Ireland can show towards them.

Let’s join our Lenten prep-aration for Easter with acts of solidarity with people struggling for land in other

parts of the world … and remember peo-ple here in Dublin and countrywide who struggle to find a roof for their families.

Think about joining the Good Friday Stations of the Cross when we will tour the local communities in our parish and pray at dif-ferent spots …


Spring Newsletter Page 4

Spring Newsletter Page 4

News from the Frontline


The Gospel Choirs Christmas Concert was a complete sell-out this year, raising funds for the choirs and for the Peter McVerry Trust.

Monika and Szymon from the Polish community began a series of very promising meetings for couples called The Good News about Dialogue.

+Diarmuid Martin re-minded the large congrega-tion gathered for the An-nual Mass in February that Bl. John Sullivan used to say “Get the Magnificat into your life: live it and be always praising and blessing God”. + Michael Jackson quoted the Anglican Collect: “we be-seech thee favourably to hear the prayers of thy people: that we, who are justly pun-

ished for our of-fences, may be mercifully deliv-ered by thy good-ness”. Noble aspirations for the spring.

The 2 beauti-ful lamps in front of the Church were lit to brighten the winter evenings. Now that the summer ap-proaches we hope to fill the planting boxes with beauti-ful blossoms … any ideas?

The Parish Forum gen-erated some really creative approaches to developing the parish: food for reflec-tion for the Jesuits and the Parish Pastoral Council.

The Parish Pastoral Council continues to gen-erate ideas and help the Jesuits to pastor the parish.



St Francis Xavier’s Church

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Parish Team:

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& volunteers


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