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Following his very successful and well-attended series of talks on the Sunday readings during lent, Fr. Kieran O’Mahony returns to Gardiner Street for two seminars related to the readings for Sundays of Year B, which begins with the first Sunday of Advent, and during which we read Mark’s Gospel and St Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians (among other readings). Fr Kieran’s talks are always lively and thought-provoking and will enrich greatly our understanding of St Paul and St Mark’s Gospel. The format for each morning will involve some solid input about the authors and then a chance to engage with an individual text. There will be a break for tea and coffee.


Saturday 28th October Registration open at 9.00am. Workshop 9.45am – 1pm
God’s word is unpredictable in its power. The Gospel speaks of a seed which, once sown, grows by itself, even as the farmer sleeps. (Mark 4:26-29). Fr. Kieran O’Mahony explores the depths of Mark’s Gospel which is the focus of the new liturgical year beginning with Advent. Discover the themes and concerns of Mark’s community and allow your own life to be written into the ongoing story.

1. Registration
2. Opening input on St Mark, his personality and his world
3. Coffee/Tea Break
4. Individual/Group work on a chosen text
5. Questions and final input on St Mark and his writings

Everybody is welcome to these training opportunities. Knowing ahead of time how many are likely to come will give the organisers an idea of the space and time needed. So, do please signal your interest to any parish team member or leave your name at the front desk. Thanks. Enquiries & Bookings contact the Front Desk which is in the door to the left of the church (Tel: 01 836 3411).

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