Financial Support

Electronic Payment Options

You may make an online donation with your credit/debit card or paypal through by clicking the red button.

Our Charity Registration is as follows:

Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 3746

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20004798

Financial Support

Other than salaries, the major expenditure relates to heating and lighting of the church and insurance. Other costs include liturgy, Novena costs, repairs and maintenance and Jesuit services to the church.

Our church income is mainly from income is mainly from the collections, dues, novenas and donations.

Details of the collections in the church are given below. As well as collections. income is received through Mass stipends, shrine donations, sale of religious goods, fees for baptisms, weddings, funerals etc.

The collections made in the parish are:

    Envelope Collection  & Cash Offertory Collection made during Mass – Blue Bag
    Share Collection made during Mass – Red Bag
    Christmas and Easter Dues
    October Appeal
    November List
    Special Collections

1. Envelope & Cash Offertory Collection – Blue Bag

Each family in the Parish is asked to take a box of envelopes for the year and on a weekly basis place an offering in the envelope and place the envelope in the collection bags during Mass.  This money is used to meet the running expenses of the parish, e.g. salaries, lighting, heating, etc.

If you would like to obtain a box of envelopes please leave your name and address into the Parish Office. Payment may also be made by Bank Transfer. Further information is available from Parish Office.

2. Share Collection

This is normally taken up at Masses on Sundays and Holydays.  This collection goes to the Diocesan central office.  The monies are used to assist parishes in the building and maintenance of Churches and other parish property where a parish cannot afford the outlay from it’s own resources.

3. Christmas & Easter Dues

Christmas and Easter Dues are collected by means of an envelope, which is placed in a special box at the altar rails. These collections are centralised and go to make up the wages of priests working in the diocese. Pensions of retired priests and those no longer able to work due to illness are also paid from this fund.

4. October Appeal

This is collected by means of an envelope, which is placed in a special box at the altar rails. The monies go towards a renovation project in the church. The 2014 collection funded the redecoration of the Pope Francis Corridor.

5. November List

This is collected by means of an envelope, which is placed in a special box at the altar rails.  The monies collected are centralised and form part of the “weekly wage” of the diocesan priests.

6. Other Special Collections

The Share Collection is sometimes replaced by “Special Collections”.  The proceeds arc forwarded directly to the specific charity.  These Special Collections are for Peter’s Pence (the Pope’s Charities), Crosscare, Missions, Training of Students for the Priesthood, Catholic Youth Care. Accord, and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.


Under the tax relief for Designated Charities scheme Gardiner Street Parish can obtain a refund on the tax paid by individuals who are taxed under the PAYE tax system. This means the value of your donation will be increased, for example if you donate at least €250 (minimum qualifying amount) in the tax year and paid tax at a rate of 42%, Gardiner Street Parish is entitled to a repayment of €181 (250/58 * 42) making your total donation €431. Similarly the total value of a donation if you paid tax at a rate of 20% is €312.50. The appropriate form (CHY2) is available for download below or you can go to for more information.
Make your gift go even further AT NO extra cost to you….

Did you know that by simply completing a CHY3 form you can help Gardiner Street Parish reclaim thousands of euro at no extra cost to you?

How to claim tax relief?
If you gave €250 or more to Gardiner Street Parish in one calendar year, your donation could be worth an extra €112.25 to us.

All you need to do is complete, sign and date the CHY3 form and return it to us to the address below.

Once signed, the new CHY3 form lasts for 5 years.  This means that you only need to fill out the form once every 5 years, which cuts our administration costs and saves you time.

Return the form to:

Fr Niall Leahy SJ
Parish Priest
St Francis Xavier’s Church
Gardiner Street
Dublin 1
D01 RK07
Tel: 01 8363411

How much extra will Gardiner Street Parhis be able to claim?
Each completed CHY3 form is worth an extra 44.9%   So your donation of €250 is worth €112.25 extra to us at no additional cost to you.

How can I find out more?
For more information or to discuss these points further, please email or  call 01 8363411

Thank you!
Thank you for taking the time to complete this form, which will enable us to raise thousands of euros to help continue our work here in the parish.

Alternatively you can download a one-year CHY4 form here

To read the full notes from Revenue on CHY and charitable tax reclaim information please click here