Family Ministry

Youth Team Projects

Callum Douglas
Callum Douglas, Youth Team Leader

Callum is School Projects Coordinator for the Faber Companions, a recently-formed lay community begun by the Jesuits in Dublin. He is an experienced facilitator of student retreats, with a particular interest in the language of faith and finding new ways to communicate truth and life to young people. He hopes to support and encourage community at Gardiner Street in many ways, and has begun by building links with the primary school via their sacramental programs.

“Ownership of Faith”

Each week the Youth Team send out family resources to students in Gardiner St Primary, with reflective exercises and tips on how to explore faith at home. 

We’d love to make these resources more widely available, so please contact us at if you’d like to receive them!

“Faber Tapirs Online”

Now that our weekly after-school club can’t meet up in person we have decided to gather digitally instead. Thursday afternoons will see our sixth class students, from Gardiner primary and the Montessori school, joining a group video call to catch up, tell stories, and play party games. Please contact us at if you’d like to join in, we’re very happy to accept new members remotely.