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16th Sunday Ordinary Time 18th July 2021

Fr. Gerry Clarke SJ

I’ve never been to the Holy Land.  My travels have taken me to nearly every country around it: Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan.  But I’ve never been to the Holy Land.

There’s one spot I’d love to visit when, some day, I get the chance: the Lake of Gennesaret.  A lot of the great Gospel events seem to have taken place there:

  • Sermon on the Mount
  • Drowning of the swine at Gadara
  • Multiplication of the loaves and the fishes
  • And two towns that Jesus curses Bethsaida and Chorazin (Mt 11)

But I imagine it’s going to be a really beautiful lake.  The kind of place where you’d want to take a boat out and find a quiet landing place for a summer’s picnic.  My imagination may be running away with me; but the picture we have in the Gospel today looks like an idyllic spot.

“‘You must come away to some lonely place all by yourselves and rest for a while’; …  So they went off in a boat to a lonely place where they could be by themselves.”

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Pray with Pope Francis


Pope’s prayer intention for July: Social Friendship

The Bible says that whoever finds a friend has found a treasure. 

I would like to invite everyone to go beyond their groups of friends and build social friendship, which is so necessary for living together well. 

We especially need to have a renewed encounter with the most impoverished and vulnerable, those on the peripheries. And we need to distance ourselves from populisms that exploit the anguish of the people without providing solutions, proposing a mystique that solves nothing.

We must flee from social enmity which only destroys, and leave “polarization” behind. 

And this isn’t always easy, especially today when part of our politics, society and media are bent on creating enemies so as to defeat them in a game of power.

Dialogue is the path to seeing reality in a new way, so we can live with passion the challenges we face in constructing the common good. 

Let us pray that, in social, economic, and political situations of conflict, we may be courageous and passionate architects of dialogue and friendship, men and women who always hold out a helping hand, and may no spaces of enmity and war remain.

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