4th Time around: Novena of Grace

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I have preached at the Novena of Grace in Gardiner Street, the home of the Novena, three times already, once in each decade. Fr McGoran invited me in 1985, Fr Brassil in 1992 and Fr Neary in 2006. Over the years, I have given the Novena in many Dublin parishes, where devotion to St Francis Xavier is continued by people whose parents and grandparents took part

in the Novena in Gardiner Street in the “good old days”. We are in different times now, but St Francis Xavier is timeless. The following lines, from Meister Eckhart, a thirteenth century German Dominican mystic, can serve as a theme running through the Novena. Let us pray for each other with great hope and trust.

Fr. Kevin O’Rourke SJ

“You must bring Him everything. Your dreams, your successes, your rejoicing; And if you have little to rejoice over, bring him that little. And if your life seems only like a heap of fragments, bring him the fragments. And if you have only empty hands, bring him your empty hands. Shattered hopes are his material; In His hands all is made good.”

2 thoughts on “4th Time around: Novena of Grace

  1. Dear Father I have been doing the novena grace since the early 1970 and cán testify to its greatness. This app is great but only thing missing is the novena PRAYER. I know it off by heart but there maybe many who come across this page and find no prayer to the wonderful St Francis Xavier. Please add it on and continued success to you in your work.
    Rita Cullen

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